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At Chester County Coin and Currency:
Our Goal is be a cornerstone in the numismatic community.
Our Mission is to "Keep you, our Client, for Life".
Our Vision is to provide quality products... quality service... quality pricing... quality guidance.
All this can be achieved by adhering to our values which dictate how we conduct ourselves in a professional, courteous and customer service oriented environment.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced numismatist, you will benefit as we serve your needs. We pledge to provide accurate information and consistent quality in supplies, services and products.

Only after you have developed a full sense of satisfaction and pride in the numismatic hobby can we claim to be successful.

We have established relationships with hundreds of collectors and dealers across the country to ensure our ability to locate examples of product to fit your needs and budget.

Additionally, Chester County Coins and Currency is the only distributor of items from the Nanno Collection, a collection with its origin in Chester County, PA.

We offer a conservation service of the highest quality and are able to submit items from your collection for grading and registration from any of the three reputable grading services.

Our supply list is extensive. We guarantee our supply pricing, on a whole, to be the most competitive of any on-line supplier or dealer.

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